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6 Spring Home Maintenance Items

Spring is officially here, although it seems like we have been in the spring season all winter long here in Turlock and the central valley. If you did not catch my 8 maintenance tips for winter season you can find the blog here. Each season comes with some home maintenance and handyman tasks. Here are spring home maintenance items to look at:

Gutter Cleaning

Typically we have had more rain by this time of year. When the rain comes it knocks off the remaining tree leaves which end up clogging gutter systems. I will be posting a blog later on discussing gutters and their importance. Gutters should be cleaned out at least once a year and if there are a lot of trees around your home they should be cleaned out twice a year. When I get called out most times home owners say it has been several years since they have been cleaned. Once I get up to see what is going on it is apparent the gutters have not really been working for a long time. They are full of muck and downspout openings are completely plugged. Take 10 minutes and just climb up a ladder to check if they need cleaning. If they do and you don’t feel like hauling mud buckets give me a call.

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Gutter Drain Flushing

A lot of homes have the gutter downspouts dump into a drain pipe. Typically these are run out to the street and drain into the waste water system. These drain lines have to carry all the leaves and muck that make it through the gutter system. It is a good idea to run a water hose into these lines for an extended period of time to help flush out the drains as best as possible. If it’s possible to see the outlet make sure water is coming out clear before moving the hose into a new location. The last thing you want is for these to plug up and all your gutter water pouring out at the bottom of your downspout and around your home.

House Washing

Pressure washing is one of my favorite activities. I just love seeing dirt, muck, and grease get peeled away for a clean surface. If not done properly or if the wrong tip is used on a spray gun, paint can be peeled instead of washed from the surface of your home. It is amazing how much dust is stuck to your home once washing begins. There are two options for having the exterior of your home washed. The method which has been around the longest is using a pressure washer with a low pressure tip. A cleaning solution can be applied to the home first to help melt away dirt and grime. Most times the dirt is not thick enough and therefore water pressure is sufficient for cleaning. The one drawback with pressure washing is that it can leave streaks on the side of the home where more or less water was applied. Stucco and brick homes hide this better whereas vinyl and wood siding homes show it more. 

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The new kid on the block is a process called softwash. Pressure washing uses a low volume of water at high pressure, softwashing on the other hand uses a high volume of water with low pressure. The actual cleaning of the home is done chemically through various products applied to the home. These products break down the organic compounds and the high volume of water just washes everything away. It is a safer route to go and it does not leave the streaking associated with pressure washing. This is not a process to be done yourself; a professional softwash company should be hired if you decide to go this route. 

Paint Bare Wood Surfaces

With spring comes more sun and dryer weather. This is a good time of year to touch up exterior paint surfaces where there is bare wood present. Painting will help protect it from the heat of the sun during the summer and keep the water out come winter. Painting after your have completely washed the exterior of the home is a great idea! If you do not have any paint around that matches your color you will have to take in a paint chip. What I have found best is to take in the cover to the cable/TV entry box on the side of your home. This panel is usually painted the same as the exterior. If your home does not have this particular box look for some kind of item you can remove from the home without damaging siding. 

Seal Decks

Spring is a great time to seal up those outdoor areas so many of us enjoy hanging out on during the summer. Decks take a beating every year from the weather as well as being walked on. During that time deck seals break down and need to be re-applied. Thompson’s water sealer is a very common brand of deck sealer on the market. There are a ton of choices under that single brand. The main point is to prevent water intrusion into your deck lumber and railing. Some of the sealers can be applied with a sprayer and others require being rolled on. I recommend hiring a professional painting company to do this work.

Check For Cracked Pipes

If you are located in the city of Turlock, the city has begun sending out fines for using too much water. Excessive water usage can come from several locations. The most common areas are toilet floats leaking as well as sprinkler valves for your landscaping. In regards to the latter, when sub freezing temperatures are reached here in the valley it is possible for outdoor pipes to crack.  Before turning on your irrigation system look around and check for puddles of water. Some homeowners also have outdoor sinks. The supply plumbing for these should also be checked as well as the faucet itself. Water leaks cost money and depending where you live can also lead to city fines. 

If you need any help with the above mentioned items, give us a call. Dynamic Handyman Solutions is the highest rated Handyman Service in Turlock and the central valley, and we would be happy to help!

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Kevin Moules

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