About Us

Dynamic Handyman Solutions is the #1 handyman service in Turlock and surrounding areas. I do this by providing excellent service, reliability, and a great attitude for my customers. This business is owned and operated by me, Kevin Moules. My services are built on three core values: Trust, Honesty, and Integrity. My faith guides my actions and this business.†

kevin moules owner of dynamic handyman solutions in turlock

Kevin Moules

Owner of Dynamic Handyman Solutions


Not Your Typical Handyman!

Why would a California Registered and Licensed Mechanical Engineer quit his career to start his own handyman business? The truth is that I absolutely love working with my hands, the scars they have is enough to prove that. I realized I was not satisfied sitting behind a desk all day, and wanted to use my skills to help people in a different way.

My handyman skills have been developed since childhood. I come from a production agriculture background and continue to help my family farm in the Turlock area when possible. Through the years working on the farm I gained knowledge in a variety of areas. It is here that I developed a passion for fixing and repairing things around the farm and home. Some of the skills developed over the years include: building and repairing fence, welding, equipment repair, landscape irrigation maintenance and installation, carpentry, home repair, plumbing, and small electrical jobs.

The hands on experience I gained in agriculture led me to pursue my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Agricultural Engineering. This education allowed me to build upon the skill set I learned since childhood. Having an engineering background has also given me a unique skill set for solving problems and researching solutions to problems encountered in the handyman business.

I would love the opportunity to serve you and your family’s needs with your largest financial investment, your home!

Why Choose Dynamic Handyman Solutions as your Handyman?

If you are anything like me, you want someone trustworthy in your home. Your home is your personal and intimate space. It is where a lifetime of memories are made. Have you ever worried about who is entering your personal space? Don’t you want a person who cares about your home the way that you do? I take pride in cleanliness, organization, and quality.

My business is built on three core values: Trust, Honesty, and Integrity.

Trust: Bringing a handyman into your home requires a tremendous amount of trust and I never intend to break that trust. As owner operator I will be the only person in your home.

Honesty: Honesty builds on trust. Being honest with you will help achieve better service to your problem. Here at Dynamic Handy Solutions I will always be honest with you.

Integrity: As C.S. Lewis put it, “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching”. I believe that statement sums up how I operate my business and complete my jobs.

With these traits I may not only save you precious time, and reduce stress, but can end up saving you money in the long run. Allow yourself to spend quality time in your home and leave the rest up to me.